Friday, July 21, 2006

We Are the Champions

I have been searching for the right words to say, the right thoughts about this Lebanese war and I think this time I will let pictures speak for me.

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Tsedek said...

I have this strange thing with pictures. At first I'm shocked. Then, probably, I build up an immune system because of the quantities they're being thrown at me. Too much to handle, certainly goes for me. So many sad images, heartbreaking. How many times can a heart break?

Until there is something that speerpoints right through the artificially built up layers of protection and hits your heart causing your whole body to shiver, shake and be moved...

For me it was an old man on israeli tv, a man living in the south of lebanon whose house had been destroyed and bombings had taken place all around him.

When he appeared before the camera he looked so very, very desparate - so critically on the verge and trying to hold on with both hands to sanity - he had stepped outta his usual world into hell, you could tell, and didn't understand why he was being led there.

He didn't speak much other than uttering the words: "why? why? why? what have i done? i just lived my life"

For all the pain that's going on now (on both sides of the border because civilian = civilian) that man straight away automatically pops up right in front of my eyes as the symbol of all the suffering that's going on, and I know from experience that when all is over and done with - he, this anonymous old man, will always be there when this war is remembered....