Thursday, August 24, 2006

Truth in Media

Despite what happened to the last clip that I posted from I still think it is the best way of getting truths about the situation in the Middle East out for the simple fact that the traditional media has a 'bit' of a bias. Take for example this clip which I discovered through an anonymous comment at the Palestinian Princess' Blog.

George Galloway (a British MP born in Scotland) has been a strong supporter of the Palestinian people since the early 1970' one point even having the Palestinian flag fly over the City Chambers in Dundee, the time Israel had banned the Palestinian flag and even forbade the production of artwork composed of its four colors (that law is still on the books but not widely enforced).

Enjoy this clip as George Galloway puts his interviewer in her place and points out not only HER bias but the bias of her editors, researchers, producers and indeed the Western media:


Abu Shaar said...

Galloway, and the way he talks back to the Skynews reporter is inspiring.

Would that other politicians had such courage

Tsedek said...

Considering the facts he really is talking nonsense. Israel did not invade Lebanon. Israel was only too happy not to be involved anymore in Lebanon. There are NO "thousands of Lebanese prisoners" in Israeli jails but a few hundred (just like Syria's got a few hundred Lebanese prisoners in its jail), et cetera et cetera...

Do you really believe this stuff?

Abu Issa, you got a serious case against Israel... don't fall in the trap to use hypocritical, self-centered very distrustful people to advance a just cause...


Anonymous said...

I love this man, he is telling the truth.
The Israeli soldiers were captured in Lebanon.
The Israelis and the US were planning this attack before this act.
This is just an action that is a prelude to the attack on Iran.
Bush whines about the fact that Iran supplies weapons to Hezbollah but doesn't mentions the fact that the US supplies the Israelis with weapons.
Ancient rockets against Israel versus smart bombs that kill women and children.
Sorry, I forgot that they were future terrorists. DUH!
If you support Israel you support genocide, you support the stealing of land that was owned by Palestinians, you support the destruction of land that was owned by Palestinians, you support the taking of land to build your Berlin wall on Palestinian land.

shlemazl said...

Another demagogue who has not been brought up well by his parents. They have not taught him that he should talk respectfully to people, particularly women.