Monday, September 25, 2006

Israeli Democracy

"Democracy is about way more than majority rule...democracy is also about minority rights, individual rights [and] restraints on power." - Bill Clinton (September 24, 2006)


Anonymous said...

Why don't you fuck off? Really, just go fuck off.

Abu Shaar said...

"Israeli democracy"

Is that like "military intelligence"? Or "jumbo shrimp"?

Anonymous said...

Be very careful before you make claims about the picture. There are many photoshoped pictures making the rounds designed to anger and inflame.
What is the source for the picture?
Is the source reliable and verifiable?
Is there a secondary source?

Many people want to inflame the situation, but they are not the ones likely to die or to suffer the consequences.

Abu Shaar said...

This was reported in the Christian Science Monitor,

citing Yedioth Ahronot

Abu-Issa said...

Thanks for that Abu Shaar.

Simply Google "IDF trophy pictures" and you'll find several articles to choose from. Actual pictures are hard to find now...they all disappeared like that video of those IDF soldiers shooting at kids going to school.