Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two Sides

As Israeli Jews celebrate Independence Day today, the Israeli Arab community will be marking its own 'Nakba' day or day of 'catastrophe'. Reading this article from Jack Khoury on the website I was amazed and even appalled at some of the comments...58 years later! Israel has evolved into an envious state, but at what price?

There are two sides to every story and I believe that the truth lies somewhere in between.

Here in Montreal, the Arab speaking community continues to grow(according to Statistics Canada) second only to the Italians. The Jewish community continues to be a strong leader for social causes and not just for Jewish social causes I must add. I have great respect for the work Jewish Montrealers continue to do. This among a predominant Christian population and a dynamically developing Muslim community.

All of these groups is what makes up the unique mosaic of what Montreal is...a multi linguistic, multi religious, multi ethnic city of nearly 4-million people. I find it hard to believe that something similar can't happen in the Holy Land.

We all want the same thing: to prosper, to grow, to Peace. Am I naive to believe that because we can do it here it can't be done there?

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Sophia said...


I just realized that you linked to my blog and I thank you. I will do the same. I posted the whole article of Jonathan Cook on the Naqba. I was struggling lately with two pro-zionists, one of them, Israeli, is visiting regularly my blog and spreading his propaganda.
Keep up the good work.