Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Israeli Soldiers Speak Out

To continue my theme of "speaking through the voice of others", I just discovered this on YouTUBE (gotta love it!) Here are a couple of Israeli Defense Forces soldiers Avichai Sharon and Noam Chayut, speaking out about their experiences "serving their country". After you watch this you may understand why I and other Palestinians, refer to the soldiers as Israeli Offense Forces (IOF). On an aside I was intrigued how much these two guys actually looked like me, I mean in a physical sense, skin colour, hair, etc. I mean we could be cousins...and in a sense we are...

Pay close attention when Noam talks about coming away from a rather extreme operation and then hearing on the radio news how it was being down played to the Israeli public. I think if Israelis truly understood what they were doing (and have done) to the Palestinian people they would be appalled!

The truth is there...now YOU have the choice to speak out.

Watch this and feel what the Palestinian frustration is...then visit the Breaking the Silence website.


Palestinian Princess said...

Hi, Im back! I just wanted to stop in and say hi, glad you are still blogging!

Abu-Issa said...

Lucy, Welcome back!

Drop me an email let me know how you're doing!


Roba said...

Hey Abu Issa,

I can't find your email on your blog. I need to talk to you about a feature on Palestine and videoblogging. Will you please contact me at roba.assi (at) gmail.com

Chet said...

Just found your blog through Palestinian Princess which I found on Palestine blogs. I truly like what you have to say and write. Keep up the good work. If you don't mind, I am going to add you to my blog roll. I am an American and just wonder how many that claim to be Christians are really Christians.


Asad Ramallah said...

may everyone see what is *really* going on in here,
and not hear what the israelis are saying that is going on in here!
i would like to inform you all, that i have a blog about all of the happenings in ramallah.
you are most invited,


Abu-Issa said...


Thank you for the add! I actually have 'Peace Root' which (I believe you are a contributer) on my blog role.

I fear that only a few who claim to be Christians actually act out their lives as Christians.


Abu-Issa said...


'As-salāmu calaykum!

I was very pleased to hear from you and to see your blog as well. As you can see (on the right) I've added you to my blog role now.

I believe that the only solution to the conflict is a re-unification of Palestine. That a 'Jewish state' in Palestine was a grand mistake. The 'two state' solution is obviously NOT working and I believe that a ONE state option is the only viable direction now. I've been told by Israeli's that I am arrogant and have no idea what is going on "on the ground".

Now that I have you here, what do you think? I would like for you to blog on this idea or email me directly.

Your friend,



tsedek said...

I've seen it, Abu-Issa. Thanx for sharing -

Obviously I sorta know what's going on because of the blogging and alternate newsstations. So I'm not surprised.

I must say however, that I'm totally against this kind of 'spreading the news' - I believe in directly confronting the problem and I don't see any good in approaching outsiders for that. I very much am for a face-to-face strategy - me and you got a problem, me and you must look to solve it. So, I really don't like these soldiers. Sorry.

It's the same approach as the machsom-women, but they, at least, tackle the problem straight where it belongs and they have now gained themselves a rightful place within 'the system' - and are respected. Not just another opinion scratching on the problem from the outside :)

When a few years ago I read an article in the Israeli printed newspaper about worried mums that wrote about raising kids to the principles of justice and peace - their stay in the army turns them into killing machines - I found recognition in that.

I think, personally, that from the critics has to come: exactly those mums (and dads of course LOL) that care for their own children and their mental health and that from that side the army will be forced into a revision of their terrorpolicies on innocent civilians. Till now I don't think they have to give accountability to anyone, and the people they own it most to (I know of course are the palestinians that get hurt by these actions, but from a root-approach) are the mums of these soldiers and future soldiers. I mean: they don't even know what's being done to their children.

On the other hand: the danger of 'wiping israel off the map' places this country in a very peculiar position and alert on how to prevent these evil ideas must not be let down.

Take care & stay well,