Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Peaceful Resistance

have often been asked by people on this blog and from friends why do Palestinians always have to be violent? And I have always responded that "if it bleeds it leads". Just because the media decides to go with the most dramatic (if not one sided) story doesn't mean peaceful resistance among Palestinians is not happening. Recent case in point last week in besieged Bait Hanun women showed there is another way and they paid for it with their lives, 2 dead and 6 injured.

A twelve-year old by the name of Ibrahim Ghazi Beit-Ilo was hit in the neck by shrapnel from a live bullet following a peaceful protest march against the Apartheid Wall in Bil’in October 27th. He underwent surgery at the Ramallah goverment hospital and the shrapnel was successfully removed. Another 16 people were injured by shrapnel from exploding tear gas and sound bomb cannisters or were beaten with military truncheons. [Read].

Or how about this candle light vigil in Gaza.

Not to mention all of the other peaceful demonstrations happening around the world that are out of the reach of the IDF, many of which I have participated in. Technically this very blog is an act of peaceful resistance, the sad fact is that I need to hide behind a pseudonym for my own protection.

What Zionists miscalculated in planning the resurrection of the ancient Kingdom of Israel is that simply for Palestinians to exist is to resist...what I fear however is Israel's plan to correct this miscalculation most recently with "Summer Rain" and now with "Autumn Clouds".


Anonymous said...

Real peaceful resistance-LOL. They blocked terrorists. That's called aiding and abetting terrorism. One of those "women" was a terrorist with an abaya. The other one probably blew herself up a few days later and took some civilians with her. More "peaceful resistance." By the way, Palestinian women are abused at a high rate according to a recent release from Human Rights Watch. What happens if Palestinina women don't protect terrorists? They probably get stoned to death or given orders to blow up.

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Anonymous said...

Vittorio, What a dumb ass! You probably support the Taliban too. Try standing under a stone wall while it's toppled over you- the recommended punishment for homosexuals.

guerrilla radio said...

Anonymous, i support the afghanistan people against the NATO's occupation.

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Abu-Issa said...


Thank you for your help and your sacrifice. Linking to your blog is the least I can do.



Anonymous said...

Taliban was America's best friend??? America may have used the Taliban that doesn't mean they liked them. Political expediency doesn't mean America agrees with the politics of islamofascism. You are completely stupid. You apparently like murders and terrorists.

guerrilla radio said...

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A presto,

Ano don't worry, I don't like Bush and Olmert.

Do you really think that a government which choose to reach its dirty objectives hiding behind a bloodshed regime, could be considered innocent?

Italian law would describe it as a crime complicity.