Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Global Peace March

undreds of thousands of Americans will march to their capital city Washington DC on Saturday 27 January. It could be the rebirth of the US peace movement. People round the world - let’s join the march with our own global internet protest! Last week, our ad told decision-makers in Congress how strong world opposition is to Bush’s escalation in Iraq.

This Saturday, Avaaz supporters at the US march will carry banners and country placards announcing how many of us from each nation are joining the marching. Every signature will be counted on the banners! Let’s raise a global voice for a real plan to end this war. Let’s make those numbers big. Time is short. Join the global peace march and tell your friends today!

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Here's how things went:

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Lee-Sean Huang said...

Coming soon: is launching our climate change campaign early next week. The campaign will feature a 30 second video available in several languages asking people to contact their leaders and to urge them to do something about global warming.