Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Old Newspaper Clippings

Palestine pre-Israel

I've created a photo gallery of some old newspaper clippings of Palestine. Click on the image above to open the gallery.

You can run the pictures as a 'slide show' or just click on the individual thumbnails.

Take some time to read the captions describing the picture contents...you may gain a better understanding of what Palestine was before the creation of the Jewish state and why I (and others) lament the loss of what Palestine was...and what it could have been.

I still believe it's possible to re-Unite Palestine and ALL of it's people as a secular, modern nation.


Larry K. said...

So much for a land with out a people, huh?!

As an American I was under the impression that Palestine was just a vast open desert with virtually nobody living there and that after the European Jews arrived THEN the Arabs attacked to take the land.

From these pictures it shows that not only were people living there they we thriving in Palestine.

Thanks for the pictures!

Sophia said...

Thanks Abu issa for the pictures. I am going to link to this post on my blog.