Tuesday, January 16, 2007

House Buying in Jerusalem

appy New Year! (It's not too late is it?) I've been busy.

You'll be happy to know (unless you're a Zionist) that with the new year I've decided to start looking for a place to live back in Jerusalem and came across this listing. The down side is that it's just an apartment and I would prefer to "buy a piece of land" for obvious metaphorical reasons, but man, look at the view...come to think of it it looks exactly like my profile picture doesn't it?!?! Hey, that's cool!

Tell me what you think of the place...


Joe said...

Looks like a nice view, friend.

Nizo said...


I'm pleasantly surprised that an Arab is allowed to own land in Jerusalem. I guess that means you carry an Israeli passport or a Jerusalem ID card. I wonder if there are restrictions when it comes to an Arab picking a neighborhood to move into. Please enlighten me :)



Dandoon said...

That sounds great, I wish you all the best with that. Maybe one day I can also live there. It's funny how someone can long for a place they've never been to.

Abu-Issa said...

Hi Nizo,

The post was really meant to be tongue-in-cheek. We both know that as it stands now being a Palestinian (despite an easily provable connection to the city and the country) I am disqualified from buying land in Israel. A Jew who's family has lived for generations in Russia has more right to live in Jerusalem than my family who lived in Jerusalem for over 2000 years up until 40 years ago.

I long for the day I will be 'granted permission' to live on the land of my ancestors.

Dandoon, I hope to share a Kaffane in Jerusalem with you...God willing!


Nizo said...

هلق وصلتني

معلش يا زلمه ما هو البرد فرزلنا دماغنا

يعطيك العافيه

Abu-Issa said...


My Arabic isn't as good as yours Nizo, but if I understand you correctly... yes, the cold does affect my brain sometimes...it makes me totally delusional!! :0) (-21 Celsius outside right now)

But I can dream, right??

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