Friday, December 15, 2006

Israel's High Court Legalizes Assassination

Yup, Israel...(the only democracy in the Middle East) has just legalized assassinations of it's political opponents...nice, eh? Already some 500 Palestinians have been "sentenced" since the year, it's legal well at least according to Israel's High Court. I just wanna know what they've been smoking.

Of course this decision will help all of those Israeli military officers in defending themselves against a slew of war crimes lawsuits filed against them in foreign courts.

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Zionist said...

hey pali.....

i think we have been too soft on you.....

JG said...

This is a disgrace, but what we've come to expect.

richards1052 said...

No, I don't think this ruling will aid them in their future defenses before international tribunals. It will be entirely too easy to prove that even these extrajudicial murders were committed in violation of the Supreme Court provisions. Not that I'm in favor of the ruling by any means. It's just that I think the IDF has always flouted any sort of moral considerations & always will regardless of what the Supreme Court says.

There will be justice some day. Though you may disagree w. me when I say that such justice should also be meted out to some Palestinian & Hezbollah militants as well.

Abu-Issa said...

Thanks for the comment JG.

Richards1052 thanks for the insight, I appreciate it. Actually, while I believe in the Palestinian right to armed resistance I'm a pacifist and as such can't and won't condone the actions of some Palestinian militants either.

As a Palestinian it would be immoral to condemn the IDF on the one hand but support the actions of those extreme Palestinian militants.

I am a Palestinian and one day I want to be able to return home, but that goal must be achieved in a moral way.