Thursday, December 14, 2006

They Were Just Kids

I cried for 5 minutes this morning when I saw the pictures.

The other day I read the story on Laila's blog...but couldn't get my mind around the atrocity of it until today when I visited Asad al Nimr's blog. I'm warning you that the pictures are a gruesome disfigurement of what should be three angelic children.

As some have speculated I fear that this was a "false flag" operation (see: Operation AJAX) meant to stimulate infighting amongst the Palestinian population.

Not only should Palestinians stand together, all peace loving human beings should stand together and condemn this atrocity and any to come.


Prefer not to say! said...

You are right..
keep it up!

The Raccoon said...


The usual answer to all Palestinian problems, eh? "Blame Israel"

Well done, man. This is clearly the way to help Palestinians solve their problems.