Monday, December 04, 2006

A Step Closer to Peace

It started with the overwhelming midterm win by the Democrats in Washington, then with the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, now John Bolton has decided to step down as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Not that he was ever actually the fully endorsed UN Ambassador.

The next big question is who will replace him? Another neo-con or how about a Muslim?? Now that would be fantastic wouldn't it, a Muslim representing the United States at the UN.

Well, it is a serious consideration.
Zalmay Khalilzad, the current US Ambassador for Iraq is one of those being considered. The Afghan-born Mr. Khalilzad would be the first Muslim-American to hold the post and in my mind would certainly represent the new (changing) face of the U.S. to the world. Considering that Islam is not only the world's second largest religion, it also is the second largest in the U.S. and is growing at the fastest rate and that more than three-quarters of American Muslims were born there, Khalilzad would be the best choice. And I can just imagine what the Islamophobists like Michele Malkin would say..."they're taking over", "run for your lives!".

Seriously, it would certainly disarm the Jihadist argument against the United States, wouldn't it?

Read more here and then let me know what you would think of a Muslim representing "The West".

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