Thursday, December 21, 2006

Montrealers Denounce Israeli Apartheid

Boycott Israeli Apartheid Banner in Downtown Montreal [Photo: Ron Saba Montreal Planet Magazine]

On Saturday, December 16th, 2006 Palestinian solidarity activists gathered on St. Catherine street in downtown Montreal to draw attention to a 2005 appeal from over 170 Palestinian civil-society organizations to, "Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights."

Distributing information to curious Montrealers strolling downtown Montreal, members of the International Solidarity Movement [ISM] and Tadamon! appealed to curious onlookers to support the Palestinian call to boycott Israel.

Click HERE to Download / Listen to the report from EI.

This audio report was produced by Stefan Christoff of Tadmaon! for broadcast on CKUT Radio, 90.3fm in Montreal & Internet distribution through Electronic Intifada.


Mr. Zionist said...

hey sharmota!

it seems you deserve to be shipped back from where you come from. gaza would be a good place for you live. maybe you will fight for the independent palestine with hamas against fatah of with fatah against hamas.........

Abu-Issa said...

I agree with you! I DO deserve to be shipped back where I am from...though I'd prefer to be flown which is how I got to Canada...I am from Jerusalem and have a family history there that goes back more than 2000 years. Members of my family helped build and rebuild that city many times.

The problem right now is that because I'm not Jewish none of that matters. I have been forced to 'live apart' from my ancestral home.

Get a clue chiam yankel, before you make idiotic comments like that again.


Mr. Zionist said...

you say a family history? hahahah...Jerusalem is based on a Jewish history ONLY! All others are just stories farbricated by dirty aRabs!

If you are not going to stay quiet in Canada your next flight will be to.....let me's bout Jordan....join your brothers there!

shlemazl said...

Interesting. How about Arab apartheid? Most Arab countries actually fall under the original definition of this word.

For example Saudi Arabia requires visitors to provide information on religious/ethnic background of their parents. My British aquaintance was have Catholic and half Jewish. She was denied a Visa.

Saudi also have large parts of the country which non-Muslims cannot visit.

Asad Ramallah said...

i hope that canada would be aware of what's happening in here.

may we all have a better year,
and may ramallah streets return to be calm and quiet.

aid mubarak, and happy new year.
asad al nimr,(ramallah).


Anonymous said...

The ROP spent the holiday slaughtering as many animals as it could. The blood of dead bulls, sheep and camels is soaking the soil whereever the ROP was. How lovely.

Anonymous said...

hey little brother said he can shut your blog down. i think i will let him.....

Tsedek said...

abu-issa, you better had told them to come and talk - i/o boycotting - which, in the end, always hit the poorest and having-no-influence what-so-ever people anyway and thus creates just more and more hate.


Anonymous said...

The future of Palestine!!!!
I have found an interesting clip that starts by showing Ismail Haniyeh playing soccer and then the things get worse.
The movie is very important if we want to protect the palestinian nation.
We really need to hope that we will N-O-T become kandahar!!
As we are very close to that.

Batal palestine.

Abu-Issa said...

Thank you to Mr. Zionist for showing us how blind with racism the Zionist movement really is.

Schlem, again you bring the racism of other Arab countries into the discussion. We are talking here about Palestine and how the indigenous population has been (and continues to be) treated by, for the most part, an immigrant population. Fully supported of course both monetarily and militarily by the worlds greatest powers. Stop trying to justify the treatment of Palestinians by Zionism with an irrelevant argument.

Tsedek, I love you, I really do...I Love You!! If I could, I would run over there to give you a big juicy hug! You are my compass in all of this mess and once again you are right, a boycott only hurts the "poorest and having-no-influence what-so-ever people"...what is the alternative though? Talking has had no effect on the 'Apartheid-like' system and wall.

I think the millions of dollars being sent over from the US and Canada should be used for social programs to bring together the Jewish, Muslim and Christian bring better understanding of one bring things back to how they were in the Holy Land before Zionism grabbed it by the throat.